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A culture of ownership is key to elevating achievement.

Research by Michael Fullen suggests a culture of ownership is most effective if it…

  • fosters intrinsic motivation of teachers and students
  • engages educators and students in continuous improvement of instruction and learning
  • inspires collective or team work
  • affects all teachers and students—100 percent

Thus, this culture of ownership must be…


We build on the current strengths in your district, focus on the inherent interdependencies of each division, and ensure integration of all learner supports.


We help build a culture that takes root in a district, continues to grow, and drives current and future decisions.


We understand that success includes thinking big but starting small and not leaving anyone behind.

Let Elevated Achievement Group help you build a systemic, sustainable, and scalable culture of ownership!


We take the research and make it concrete, practical, and implementable!

We use the Elevated Achievement Learning Model with all stakeholders to ensure best, first instruction for any level of learner.

We continuously support through a variety of opportunities:  the initial presentation, individualized and differentiated support, in-classroom coaching, co-planning and co-teaching, observation/feedback, breakout sessions, one-on-one sessions, on-line support, stakeholder-specific team meetings, leadership coaching.

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