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A culture of ownership is key to elevating achievement.

Research by Michael Fullen suggests a culture of ownership…

  • Fosters intrinsic motivation of students and educators.
  • Engages students and educators in continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Inspires teamwork.
  • Affects all students and educators—100 percent.

How does Elevated Achievement Group foster a culture of ownership?

We make it SYSTEMIC.

We meet clients where they are in terms of learner ownership by honoring previous work, consulting together on products and services that increase growth through a flexible framework, and ensuring integration of all supports.


We build opportunities for continuous development by providing stakeholders the authority, capacity, and responsibility to own their learning.

We make it SCALABLE.

We offer products and services that develop learner ownership through practical solutions, clarity of implementation, and intentional models of strategic learning practices.

Learn more about how Elevated Achievement Group can help you develop STUDENT OWNERSHIP through the following professional learning opportunities.

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